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1. How do I make a reservation?

Reservations can be made on by following these simple steps:

Step 1:
Type the location (city, province or hotel name) that you want to visit
Select check-in and check-out dates
Select the number of adults and children in your party
Click "Check Availability"

Step 2:
Click the "View All Rooms & Rates" button located under the information and photo featuring the hotel of interest

Step 3:
Click "Book" next to the desired room type/rate

Step 4:
Complete the "Guest Information" page
Click to accept reservation terms
Click "Confirm Reservation"
A reservation confirmation number will appear

2. Where can I find room descriptions?

Descriptions of rooms can be viewed on hotel-specific sites 

To view room descriptions on hotel-specific sites:

Step 1:

Type the location (city, province or hotel name) that you want to visit
Click "Find Hotel"

Step 2:

Click the photograph or logo of the hotel of interest

Step 3:

Click the "Rooms and Amenities" link near the center of the page
To find a hotel, please visit

3. What is the room rate? What taxes and/or additional charges apply?

Room rates and availability display on during the online reservation process.

After selecting a specific room by clicking "Book" next to the desired rate, the "Guest Information" page will display. This page includes a "Reservation Summary" section on the right side. The total rate, including additional charges and taxes appears here. Rates displayed do not include charges for special requests.

4. Can I book more than one room at a time?

Yes, you can reserve two rooms at a time. After selecting your travel dates, please select the number "2" from the drop-down box titled "Number of rooms"

5. How will I know if the room I've selected is available?

Only available rooms will display during the reservation process.


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